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(Translated by Google) Is the Plaza Semanggi alive now? (Original) Plaza semanggi skrg hidup ga ya??

(Translated by Google) It's still running, it's still running (Original) Masih berjalan kokmasih berjalan kok

(Translated by Google) Isn't there a shark or not? (Original) Ada selter gojek ga yah?

(Translated by Google) There is. Around the Semanggi plaza (Original) Ada. Di sekitar plaza Semanggi

(Translated by Google) In the clover plaza make his gamezone complete guns? (Original) Di plaza semanggi buat gamezone nya lengkap ngga ?

(Translated by Google) No. (Original) Tdk

(Translated by Google) If you've been to here, where's your favorite place? (Original) Jika kamu sudah pernah berkunjung kesini, tempat favorit di tenat mana?

(Translated by Google) Formerly setarbaks ... Due to business competition he was already married! Weka weka weka weka weka weka (Original) Dulu setarbaks... Karena persaingan bisnis dia sudah kelaut! Weka weka weka weka weka weka

(Translated by Google) Just giving advice. Pay attention to the parking lot. I paid for expensive parking for safety, but in fact the helmet and gloves were there only the ones that were nuker :). Parking security where: D. Please hear it again and again :) (Original) Cuma ngasih saran. Keamanan di parkiran perhatikan. Saya bayar parkir mahal demi keamanan tapi nyatanya helm ama sarung tangan aja ampe ada yang nuker :). Keamanan parkirannya dimana :D. Moga di denger terus diperbaiki lagi :)

Smaa helm saya ilg jga

(Translated by Google) Do you still have a Centro, do you want to look for children's toys? (Original) Centro msh ada gak ya, mau cari mainan anak anak di mana ya

(Translated by Google) Search for children's toys in the market begrong wrote .... (Original) Cari mainan anak dipasar gembrong aja....

(Translated by Google) What is the massage place upstairs? forgot, then how much is the traditional massage rate? (Original) tempat pijat di lantai atas itu namanya apa ya? lupa nih, trus tarif utk pijat tradisional kira2 berapaan ya?

Browsing ja om

(Translated by Google) Is there Funworld or Amazon right here? (Original) Disini ada Funworld atau Amazon ngga ya?

(Translated by Google) There is no ... family fun (Original) Ga ada...adanya family fun

(Translated by Google) Is there Ramayana here? (Original) Ada ga ramayana disini?

(Translated by Google) there is no (Original) tidak ada

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